Being Itinerant

Recently, after teaching privately for about 24 years, I moved to New Zealand and have now been employed as Itinerant Vocal Coach in the Waikato Area. I teach at 8 schools. I have groups as well as individuals and I must say the talent here is astonishing.

Just starting to teach has been a challenge. Because I have no “papers” to show that I can teach, I have to apply for a LAT (Limited Authority to Teach) from the New Zealand Education Council. The requirements are very strict and amongst other things I have to prove that I can speak English! It seems that a country with 11 official languages is just too much of a challenge. I don’t have a problem with this attitude. Things are very regulated here in NZ and as a result you know who you’re dealing with. Some locals find it a bit annoying but being from a country where there are fewer and fewer checks and balances, I welcome it.

Anyway, after having taught mostly primary school kids for quite a few years now at Take Note Productions, teaching teens is an amazing privilege. I will be posting some videos soon, not only of some of my students, but also of technical issues, such as support, breathing and vocal placing.  Insights about performance and so on will also follow. I will also hopefully get some guest teachers to feature here.

Please leave a comment and I’d be happy to answer any vocal questions as best as I can.

Published by: duncanbouwer

I was born in 1960 on Bastille day. I am a husband, father, worshiper, musician, artist, writer, and Enneagram type 7 with a strong 8 wing and so I love to do many things. I get bored with just one thing. I am exultant and deeply troubled in turn. I am passionate and unfortunately not playful enough, but I am trying to recover that part of myself.

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